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Marty & Candace Hirsch

Marty & Candace Hirsch

Hello Chris and Mariette,

Well it’s back to the “real world” but I’m finding it hard to concentrate, I keep hearing “Macho Man” and seeing Louwtjie’s hat on sideways!

Random thoughts:

  • First Day Nyala

  • Last Day Bushbuck

  • Candace’s Sable – now the “barn – dominium” is a must 

  • Chad’s Kudu

  • Low Low “come in” Low

  • BB and her South African grandkids!

  • Flying Baboon…….

  • Day 9 relaxing and drinking Spiced Rum in front of the fire

  • Perfect communications in the blind!! And beyond…

  • Dingle-berries for Candace

  • A team – Roy, Steve and Hendrick

  • Never give a meat pie to Mr Nasty 

  • Long range Kudu Celebration

  • Annihilator vs. Brick …. Is everyone okay?

  • “Guy in the Back”, “Guy in the way back”  

  • Tracking the Impala

  • Meerkats

  • Excursions for the ladies …. Safaris with Nails, Hair and massages???

  • Surprise Gemsbuck

  • Louwtjie grilling “African Animals”

  • Redneck Blind

  • Feeding Zebras

  • 5 star meals, lodging and HOSTS

  • Lifelong friends!

Hard to sum all this up into my hunting journal…… We just want to say thanks again for the most wonderful time – the hunting success was beyond all expectations but the time we spent together was even more special.

Please let us know if you need anything here in the states and looking forward to seeing you again very soon!

Marty and Candace

Chad and Stephany

Casey Johnson


I wanted to take a minute to just say “Thank You” for the wonderful experience that we had on our trip.  Stephanie and I both hated to leave South Africa.  It was the greatest vacation that we have ever taken and did not want it to end.  The accommodations and hunting experience surpassed everything I had imagined.

I especially appreciate the time that both you and Louwjte put in to help me harvest my animals.  You guys went above and beyond to provide me with multiple opportunities to harvest trophy animals.  I apologize that my shooting was not the greatest the first day or two with the rifle and hated the extra work the team had to put in to recover the animals.  I was so jacked up I just could not get settled down.  At least I made good clean shots on the Impala with the crossbow, and on the Kudu the last day.  Your team’s experience and dedication helped to make up for me on the Bles Buck and the Wildebeast and I am forever in your debt.

For sure, the Kudu was the culmination of the trip.  Hearing you say “great shot” after I squeezed off on the Kudu is something that I still re-play over and over in my mind.  I don’t know that I have ever been so nervous about making a shot as I was on that day.  The experience of our group that morning on the side of the ridge is one that is etched into my memory forever.

My only regret was that I did not take the water buck on the way back to camp.  He was definitely a good one for sure.  However, after the kudu, all of the energy and emotion in my body was gone at that point, and I just did not have anything left.  He will for sure be on the list for my next trip.

Again, thanks for everything.  I look forward to seeing you guys again.



Brady & Cathy Foreman

+1 515 238 5271

Review by Cathy and Brady
My husband and I made the best decision ever by booking our first South African safari hunt with Chris and Mariette, owners and operators of Apex Gold Wildlife Safaris. Our first encounter with Chris and Mariette was at the Iowa Deer Classic in March, 2019. My husband and I visited every South African booth there and Chris and Mariette were the only ones that included me in on the conversation and never assumed I didn’t hunt. Unlike the other South African booths. After 2 years, due to COVID, we finally made it there in June 2021. All promises that Chris and Mariette made were fulfilled and beyond. From finding and tracking our desired animals to the all-inclusive lodging, food and drinks (top shelf by the way) and very nice gifts. Also, if your partner hunts and you don’t, no problem Mariette has many other things for you to see and do. We are going back to the Iowa Deer Classic March, 2022 to book another safari hunt with Apex Gold Wildlife Safaris. Chris, Mariette and Loki made it the BEST VACATION EVER!!

Lynn Anderson

Lene Anderson

I have been here for 1 and a half weeks now and so far it has been a very nice experience 
I have seen a lot of wildlife. Everyone is very kind and helpful. The lodge is beautiful, the rooms are very nice and the food is so great

Krogh Family

Micheal Kroch

Many thanks to Marietta, Chris, Louwtjie, Herman and Frederik for a fantastic experience both hunting, Safari and cosy togetherness.
Thank you very much for your lovely mood and humor.
As a first time traveler hunting and safari, it is difficult to put into words the expectations of the place to visit, but you met to the fullest expectations we had.

We've come home with experiences we've only dreamed of, and can definitely recommend this amazing place and area.
Once we go again there is no doubt - it will be at Apex Gold Wildlife Safari!

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