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About us

Chris started working in the hunting industry at the age of 16/17 whilst still in school. School holidays was working days and building experience.

After school starting off full time in the hunting industry even before being able to qualify as a professional hunter because of still being too young at that stage. At 21 qualified as a professional hunter and carried on working as a fulltime guide.

In 2018 Chris & Mariette started Apex Gold Wildlife Safaris so that they could live their dream the way they thought best and running their outfit the way, they saw best, by delivering the best possible service that would align with what they thought they could improve in the industry, benefitting both the exclusive experience of their clients as well as striving to improve conservation.

Chris and Mariette does all their own marketing and there are no agents in this Safari. Thus, who you meet on our marketing trips are who you will be seeing in camp.

They do however donate to multiple events each year, trying to give back to the communities that gave their all to their country and its people. Unfortunately, it is not possible to be present at all these events.

Being in the Apex Lodge is like being at your house away from home. Rustic African feeling with luxury to ensure total fulfillment of your greatest expectations.

Come and experience Africa with Apex Gold Wildlife Safaris

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